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Since 1983, technology and clean room laboratory photographer serving biotech, high-tech, solar, gasses, energy, life sciences industries


Eddie Shvartzman Photographer (ESP) High-tech, Bio-tech Photographer

Since 1983, Eddie Shvartzman has been the high-tech photographer that biotech, microelectronics, energy and chemical industry clients call upon to create memorable, jaw-dropping photographic images. His work is sought after for advertising campaigns, annual reports, websites and corporate collateral materials.

His worldwide experience and industry knowledge in semiconductor fabs, laboratories and other challenging on-site environments sets him apart as your best resource for high technology photography.


Often by combining shoots for multiple industrial clients located near one another, Eddie Shvartzman has completed creative projects for a very low cost. He has done photo shoots at industrial manufacturing and high tech sites worldwide for over 26 years.

His images have been featured on 300+ magazines and editorial covers. Clients benefit significantly from the added value these magazine covers and other editorial applications provide.


All marketing communications, corporate communications and advertising professionals are now feeling the pressure to get more "bang for the buck" than ever.

Eddie Shvartzman Photography delivers high quality corporate and technology photography regardless of project scope or location. Experience, industry knowledge, technical skill and a creative eye guarantee you'll receive a substantial body of professional images on budget.

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